Knoxville man electrocuted after trying to install hidden camera in college student’s shower

A 62-year old man Knoxville, Tennessee has been electrocuted after authorities say he was trying to install a hidden camera in a shower so he could secretly film his female tenant.

Roger Walker died after he accidentally touched a live wire in the ceiling cavity of the apartment that he rents out to a 22-year old female college student. Authorities found him dead with a spy camera partially installed and aimed directly down into the shower.

“Based on the evidence it’s clear he was trying to setup a camera so he could watch his female tenant shower nude,” said one investigator. “The tenant says that Walker was a creepy man who would often make inappropriate comments to her.”

According to the tenant’s account, her landlord was often making excuses to come to the property to carry out maintenance work that was not required. “Once I came back and found him sniffing my panties,” she said. “He brushed it off saying he needed to blow his nose but forgot his handkerchief.”

Investigators say that Walker had drilled a hole in the ceiling above the shower so he could aim a camera at his tenant. “However, his inexperience with electrical systems led him to touch a live wire which ultimately caused his death. It’s a case of karma, in many respects, and we have closed the case.”

However, Walker’s family are urging investigators to reopen the case and clear his name, saying the camera was only being installed for ‘security’ rather than spying on his tenant. “He had no sexual interest in her at all,” said Walker’s widow.